RE: PO receipt cannot find AAI 4310


RE: PO receipt cannot find AAI 4310

Use the Project Number in the Business Unit Master of Business Unit BP1 (and
all other BPs). Point to CC1 with the project number.

This is very useful functionality. If the Business Unit in the AAI is
blank, the systems looks at the transaction for the Business Unit. Before
it uses the business unit in the transaction, it checks the project number
in the business unit. If that is non-blank, it uses the project number as
the business unit when it builds the AAI.

I hope this addresses your need.


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Re: PO receipt cannot find AAI 4310

Hi! Michel
It seems that you dont have an AAI Setup for BPI at AAI 4310
Be sure to have a separate entry for the this Cost Center.

Good Luck!
B7332 SP11.3 NT

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