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RE: Performance issues with Z-File

What would you call a 'real' database if not Oracle!

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Re: Performance issues with Z-File

DB2 on an AS/400. I can get all the features, functionality, and performance
that I need for the vast majority of the businesses that I have worked with,
without having to waste money on a DBA. Without having to waste time and
money managing how much disk space is allocated to individual files. Without
having to clutter and complicate my life with SQL scripts to automate tasks
that a robust environment like OS/400 handles for me.

Oracle is certainly the correct tool for some businesses and applications. I
have used Oracle for some specialized applications in the past.

For most mid-size or even large businesses OS/400 and DB2 have been proven
time and again to be the most cost effective solution. The AS/400 was
designed and intended to be a cost effective platform for running the
accounting, manufacturing, and distribution applications for mid-size
businesses and it is still the premier platform for that market.


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RE: Performance issues with Z-File


2.5 hours is way too long if you are talking about using the Oracle import
utility to import data. I can tell you that contention is occuring
somewhere regardless of the method being used. There are quite a few things
one would have to look at to determine where the contention is taking place
(CPU, DISK, Log Writer, SGA too big, DBWR, the lists goes on and on). The
best place to start to look is in the V$SYSTEM_EVENT table. It will report
a top level view of the wait events occuring in the database. You can also
use statpack to take some performance before and after the job. I suggest
15 minute intervals. If you are using a JDE application to perform the
import it is possible there is contention at the object level. Ultimatley
this is why there are DBA's, because it is a specialized set of skills and
it is even occasionaly a full time job. Most JDE installs make the CNC or
one of the application folks the defacto DBA and ultimatley they run into
problems. If you want to learn more about tuning via the Oracle wait
interface I suggest Gaja Vaidyanatha's book Oracle Tuning 101, very
comphrehensive and not too expensive.

Regarding OORPG's comment that you upgrade to a real database...I have over
1200 messages in my inbox from this list, I searched for comments by OORPG
and his only response was "Use a real database rather than Oracle.". I
think based on this you can rest assured you have a "real" database and
those comments can be disregarded.

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