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RE: pdf & terminal server printing

You are indeed correct about the Font not being included in the Printer Data
Stream. Microsoft identifed this as a bug.
Adobe Acrobat .PDF documents may not print correctly Microsoft Knowledge
Base article number Q267896

They're are two hot available: on for 2k (which is now part of Sp2) and the
other for TSE



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Make sure to test this fix (mskb q267896) thoroughly if you are applying it to a Win2k SP1 server. I applied it to several different servers during testing and the servers would randomly blue-screen during printing with because of the win32k.sys file that was replaced in this version. I could replicate this at will on different hardware, since it was random I couldn't force a crash but if I installed it I could guarantee it would crash the server within a few hours. SP2 has run fine for us though on our test servers.

We took it back out and went back to the print as image trick.

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