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Re: Payment of Credit Invoice

Do you mean reimbursing Customers when they have RM's or credit balances on their A/R account ?

If so, see menu G0321 relating to Generate Reimbursements. This converts credit balances in A/R into vouchers that can be paid in A/P.

You will need to check you have the right account set up in your AAI's for item RP. (This is the reimbursement suspense account.)

You will also need to check that you have Payables and Receivables flagged as Y in the address book record and have a supplier master record as well as the customer master record in place.

If you are working on A7.3 check out pages 61-65 "Work With Credit Note Reimbursements" in the second A/R manual.

We have recently started generating reimbursements for customers in credit and it works fine.

Good luck !

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Can anyone please assist with the payment of credit invoices - Accounts Payable.


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