Re-packing a .CAB file how ?


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I built a full package, but one .dll failed to link properly... CMFG.dll is missing from my bin32.CAB (in the package directory). I busbuilded CMFG.dll, now how can I 'add' it to this .CAB file (without resubmitting the package build) ??

WinZip will open a .CAB, but won't Add files to it.

Alternatively, can I modify the package.INF file to point to the package/bin32 directory, rather than the package/bin32.CAB file (i.e. as if the package wasn't compressed ??)

Steve Murphy
...In relation to the suggestions from Martin Stutchbury :

"Two work arounds:
1) Delete the CAB files and the install will use the spec files (not
recommended because it will really hit your network hard)
2) From package build history, reset the status of the package compression, and
resubmit the build."

1/ doesn't work for us, my jdeinst.log complains :

18 5009 01:48:15 E CJDESetupExsFileset::CJDESetupExsFileset: The package inf '\\DEPDEV\B733\APPTB733\package\APPTB733FC\bin32.CAB' either doesn't exist or is unreadable.

Does the package.INF need to be modified in some way ??

2/ should work now, cheers.

Steve Murphy
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