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Re: Package builds Xe


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Re: Package builds Xe


We are having similar problems on our Xe installation (Test Ring) We
solved the problem by adding the WaitForBusBuild=Y line in [INSTALL]
section of JDE.ini.

Hope this helps.

Tom Davidson
Test Ring OW Xe AS/400 V4R5, CO Sql 7.0

Whats happening is that the BUSBUILD process just seems to hang waiting on
DB I-O. The BuildLog.txt for BusBuild shows the following:

Package: PY7333FB

Date: Fri Mar 30 08:19:23 2001
Build Machine: DEFIANT

Path Code: PY7333

Source Path: \\DEFIANT\B7333\PY7333\package\PY7333FB

Foundation Path: \\DEFIANT\B7333\system

Destination Path: \\DEFIANT\B7333\PY7333\package\PY7333FB

Generating source for NER and TER...

and never gets past this point.

OW 7332 SP 11.3VER, NT 4.0 SP 5, TSE 4.0 SP 4, Metrframe 1.8, CO SQL 7.0