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Re: Override Location to LOCAL for Batch Version (Citrix)


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Re: Override Location to LOCAL for Batch Version (Citrix)

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Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 2:40 AM
To: jdeowdevml@jdelist.com
Subject: Override Location to LOCAL for Batch Version (Citrix)
When I run a batch version from a developer machine I can override the
location to LOCAL, but when I'm signed on to a Citrix client I can't see =
LOCAL data source. Is it possible to run a report Locally via citrix ?


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RE: Override Location to LOCAL for Batch Version (Citrix)

It is possible but you will have to OCM map it. In general you don't wan't
to run UBE's LOCAL on a Citrix box thus the reason you don't get to override
to LOCAL as a Citrix user.

Mark Siebenschuh
HP9000/Oracle 8.0.5/XE Sp15.2

David Robertson

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Re: Override Location to LOCAL for Batch Version (Citrix)

In earlier releases on OW, the terminal servers were pretty much treated as normal fat clients, and so they could see LOCAL if it was available generally.

From at least B7332, the OCM is different, so you will have to map it for the servers you want. I have it set up for a special group of "interface" servers, that run table converters to import data from other applications. They need to be run locally to see the files, but they are also running over a WAN, so they need to be on terminal server. Normal access to OW is through a seperate farm of servers. Otherwise, don't run UBE's locally, as they'll kill your performance.