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RE: Out of balance between AR (F0311) and GL AR Trade account (F0


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RE: Out of balance between AR (F0311) and GL AR Trade account (F0


There are five common causes of this condition;-

1) There are unposted transactions in F0311 and/or F0911 (possibly caused by
"lost" batch headers). Ensure all A/R batches are posted including any from
Sales Order system. Use the standard AR integrity reports to try and
identify (G0321 opts 14 & 15) and also the standard GL integrity reports
(G0922 opts 2 & 3).

2) There have been manual or other journal entries (not originating from AR)
processed against the control account(s). Use GL account ledger enquiry
(P09200) and F6 function to locate all entries to control account that are
not document type AE. You need to enter a doc type of "AE" then a '1' in the
very next field (ie the "(1/0)" bit) on the F6 screen. This F6 function can
also be used to find unposted entries on the control account by putting a
blank in the Doc Type/(1/0) field and a blank in "GL Posted Code" field on
the F6 screen.

Also make sure the posting edit code on the control accounts is set to 'M'
to prevent non system generated entries being posted to control accounts.

3) The GL class code has been changed on F0311 records after they were
posted. This is hard to find and a devilishly difficult one to correct as
cash receipts subsequent to the change will have gone to the control account
associated with the GL class code current on each F0311 record at the time
of receipting. Perhaps the best way to tell is if the overall difference
across all control accounts sums to zero then journalise an adjustment
between the control accounts to make them equal the value of the open
transactions by GL class code from F0311. Use WW to list/total all F0311
records were open amount not equal zero and matching doc type equal blank.

4) The opening balance loaded to GL on initial implementation was wrong.
This is easy to check.

5) The AAI's were changed, oh dear this is a doozey!! Look through the
chart of accounts for A/Rec type balances and check against the existing
AAI's. Check the entries that went through any A/Rec type account in GL
that has no matching entry in the AAI's - if there any AE doc types then
/you have found a potential "missing" balance. Also don't forget to check
the unapplied cash AAI's and any "write off" AAI's together with their
related GL accounts.

If it's none of the above then you have a fair amount of "Query"ing and
"ticking and flicking" to do.

Best of luck, hope the above helps .......... Colin HUGILL