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Re: One World User Passwords


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Re: One World User Passwords

We are running B73.3.2 Service Pack 11.3 with an AS/400 enterprise server.
The User Option to change password does not work at all.
It just keeps saying that the password is invalid.
Denver has been able to duplicate this in the lab environment, but has yet
unable to solve the problem (since Nov 17, 00).

"Godfrey, Bill"
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12/06/00 12:33 PM
Please respond to

Dear List:
In One world (XE) there is an option to change the user password
P98OWSEC however when it runs it does not change the password on the
enterprise server (in my case an AS400).
My question is if it does not change the one world log on password,
the network password, or the enterprise password what does it do?

Your responses would be appreciated.

Oneworld XE
Enterprise server AS400

William C. Godfrey, BBA
Senior Programmer Analyst
Information Technology Division
J. D. Irving, Limited
Email: godfrey.bill@jdirving.com

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RE: One World User Passwords

We are on B7331 sp10.1 also with an AS/400 enterprise server.

The password change function works fine for us. We've never had any
problems with in.

Larry Williams
Attachmate Corporation
(425) 649-6594