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Re: One world on the AS/400 - DASD Issue


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Re: One world on the AS/400 - DASD Issue

Also on this note I wanted to add that after running the PRTDSKINF report a few times on
the same day, we realized the temporary storage space is increasing dramatically. Looks
as though the space s not being free-up. Anyone have any comments on this point..

How often is everyone bringing down the JDE server subsystems. nightly weekly or only
when their is a problem. How about the SQLPKG. Does anyone have procedures on deleting
these or is it just done when a problem occurs.


Rob wrote:

> Amyone have any problems with DASD Getting out of wack.
> something is a little funny. The DASD levels keep going up and we have to bring the
> subsystems down and delete the packages. No time to check the libraries for space.
> I checked the INI File on the AS/400, it NOT turned on.
> We seems to have the right number of jobs and the kernel jobs look good too..
> Any idea's. I'm wondering if the SQL Packages are creating problems for me. I'm going
> to monitor this next. I need some more visibility...
> Let me know
> Rob


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Re: One world on the AS/400 - DASD Issue

OK, I realize this has probably gotten real cold by now... it was a January Issue...

Anyway, we are seeing an issue where DASD space is getting eaten quite quickly...

I haven't taken the time to go find out which tables... yet, but I remembered this thread...

Anyone out there have an idea that would jump out real fast?

Daniel Bohner
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x