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RE: On-Line PO Approval


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RE: On-Line PO Approval

Security we have implemented for on-line PO approval:

1. Only approver (purchasing manager) and purchasing software lead person
have access to P43081 approvals program (they are in same Security Workbench
2. Only same people above have "approvals" on their menu.
3. Purchasing manager (who approves the POs over $5000) gets a report of
orders approved. If he saw stuff approved by others he would know someone
was fooling around.

Could software lead person change the address number in "approver" box at
top of approvals screen, P43081 screen A, and bring up items destined for
purchasing manager and approve them? Yes. And then it would appear on above
report and bingo. Bulletproof ? No. Good enough ? Probably.

Dave Mallory Denver Water Denver, Colorado, USA NT 4.0 Oracle 8.05
7332 SP13.3