RE: OK Button on Hdrls Dtl


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RE: OK Button on Hdrls Dtl

This is probably occurring because when you exit the row the first time, you
in fact enter another row, so then when you press OK you are actually
exiting the sencond row.

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I think I found the problem. There was code updating the grid buffer which was intended for the case where the user was adding a new row to the grid. However this code was also being executed if an existing row was being modified. For existing rows, it was unnecessary to update the grid buffer since nothing new is ever given to OW that it doesn't already know about. When I took the code updating the grid buffer for revisions away, OW stopped going back through the Row Exited and Changed - Inline event ER. Thanks for your reply Michelle!


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RE: OK Button on Hdrls Dtl

I believe it is standard logic built in to the Headerless Detail form. I was
just doing extensive mods on a custom form and found an invaluable technical
reference you might be interested in. It is found on the Documentation CD
and its titled OneWorld Development Tools. Check page B-30 for the details
on: Process Flow for Headerless Detail Form---Menu/Toolbar Items...OK

Hope this helps,

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