RE: Object Transfer in XE


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RE: Object Transfer in XE

Yes by using OMW........You should place a call for tech support from JDE
for help in setting up your OMC and working in OMW. They have really helped



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RE: Object Transfer in XE

I don't know if there is a way to still access object transfer in Xe, but I
have done the equivilant with OMW. You can do it through OMW, you just have
to configure it properly through the activitiy rules. I created new statuses
of 41 and 42. 41 being object transfer from PROD to CRP, and 42 of CRP to
DEV. It may require setup that object transfer did not require, but it can
help you manage how objects move between the pathcodes. For the other way
around, dev to prod, you can just promote the projects through the various
states to 26 (dev-> crp) and 38 (crp-> prod).


Xe, SP14.2, SQL7/SP3, NT/SP6a, Metaframe 1.8