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RE: NT Scheduled Reboots - Enterprise/Deployment Servers ~~1136


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RE: NT Scheduled Reboots - Enterprise/Deployment Servers ~~1136

Kimberly / Cheong,

Kimberly, I agree with James. We have a 1 Enterprise and 2 Application servers,
plus a deployment and 1 TSE right now on NT. We haven't had the need, or even
felt the need to bounce the servers unless needed. However, I have heard about
the memory leak issue in Focus this year.

I do think we need to reboot the TSE if not nightly, at least weekly. Cheong,
would it be possible to get the script to do this?



Eddie Cheong <Eddie.Cheong@innotech-execaire.com> on 11/15/2000 11:48:20 AM

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Our TSE reboots everyday @ 5:45 and no issue has come up. However, I find
that not all tmp gets cleaned and every so often, I have to delete them
manually. no big deal since it's maybe every month or so.



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