Re: Multiple tax rates for a Supplier


Re: Multiple tax rates for a Supplier

Paul, We've found the supplier master to be very limited in its ability to put
in multiples of anything. We've found that we've had to set up multiple
suppliers for a variety of reasons such as: only one G/L class code, one payment
instrument, one payment term, etc.
I have written an enhancement paper entitled "Global Address Book" which is out
on the Quest website under the Global Account Sig. You and others on this list
might want to look at this and if anything applies, I'll add your company to the
list of those needing changes.
What release are you on?

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PAUL HELTON <[email protected]> on 03/01/2001 10:15:40 AM

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Subject: Multiple tax rates for a Supplier

Issue: multiple tax rates for one supplier. There is no line of business
for the Supplier Master similar to the Customer Master. Our company has six
manufacturing sites and one corporate office. We are attempting to
consolidate the Supplier Master for all sites but sales tax and use tax are
causing problems. For example, a Missouri plant purchasing from a Missouri
supplier will pay Missouri sales tax but a Georgia plant purchasing from a
Missouri supplier will only pay use tax. Question: Is there any way around
adding a line to the purchase order to account for the different rates
between sales and use tax?

Paul Helton
Bull Moose Tube Company

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Mike Dupaix

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re[2]: Multiple tax rates for a Supplier

Paul & Dave,

While line of business concepts for suppliers are good, there is a solution within the software. Granted it is manual in nature, but it will accomplish the desired result. When entering a purchase order (or requisition) for an out of state supplier, begin the entry by starting with the order header. There are tax fields that allow you to input the tax type (Use or sales) and the area. When you proceed to the entry lines, this information is passed along.

A second option is to change the individual order lines from the default once the order is accepted. This could be done by the enterer after acceptance (the users typically forget, therefore this is very error prone) or put an tax review in as part of the approval route.

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