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RE: Multiple Company Security

Carla :

My suggestions are :

a) Map both companies to different environments, their business data,
control tables, versions
and central objects will be separated (although technical tables like
printers, WSJ, users,
will be shared).
b) I strongly recommend that users access via Terminal Server (through
Internet VPN if you
like so) or Java Server. It only demands 4 Kb bandwidth and it's performance
just depends
on the Terminal Server hardware specifications.

Yours, Sebastian

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Asunto: Multiple Company Security

Hello list,

We are One World B733.2 and have SQL 7 running on NT. We also have Citrix
up and running and are using it internally. We are currently running AP/PO
and General Ledger. We are about to put another company up on JDE which
would be remote. We would like this company to only see their information
on the system. We would be T1 to the internet and this remote company would
be DSL to the internet. We would be connecting the two companies using VPN.
We were told by a consultant that this type of connection would be extremely
slow. We were told that the checking in and checking out could take up to
one half hour if not more. We were also told that security by business unit
would also slow the system down in both locations.

Any suggestions at all would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you
Carla Lyons
Sargent Manufacturing

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i agree with Sebastian about using citrix. as long as you are not trying to run fat clients at the remote site you will not have speed issues. i run one world over the internet using a 256k-t1 and a isdn modem on the remote side and i get very good response time.
regarding security by business unit, i use it and it is very easy to set up and i didn't really notice any performance issues after we instituted it.

NT 4.0 SP5, SQL 7.0, One World B7321 SP12.4, Citrix