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RE: Multiple Companies


Within JDE the term "Company" means a self balancing entity, it does not
necessarily mean a separate legal entity. We have seven companies set up in
JDE where each one is really a division or major regional area. We draw all
cheques from one bank account in the Head Office "company" and use JDE
Intercoy to create the necessary intercoy entries.

FASTR and STAR report writers are very capable of producing consolidated
type reports regardless of company. We produce FASTR reports from specific
business unit level, through grouped business units (using BU category
codes), company specific, and, consolidated.

I guess I am at a loss when it comes to understanding why you have been
requested to consolidate six companies into one, but at the same time there
is to be no loss of functionality at the 'reportage' level, and, balance
sheet reporting is required for each division.!! If you could supply
details of what the driving issues are behind the request for consolidation
then I would be more than happy to throw in my tuppence ha'penny.

Yes it is feasible but there are lots of "possibilities", for example:-
Do you have inventory and sales order processing?
Are the inventory item the same across the six companies?
Are the charts of account the same??
Do the companies have the same customer and supplier base?
etc etc etc

Regards...... Colin HUGILL