Re: Multiple Companies


Re: Multiple Companies


Why do you want to do this specifically? You could use consolidation
programs to produce a consolidated report of the 6 companies if this is
what you need. If you transform the companies into business units within a
single company you lose the ability to enforce balancing by company, as
business units are not required to balance.

From vague memory, I also believe that you can't default the business unit
in the Accounts Receivable trade AAI, so you only have the option of one
business unit per company for A/R trade. I could be wrong about this as
it's been a while since I worked with A/R.

I haven't actually done what you are looking at, but it sounds to me like a
lot of work for what could be minimal benefit.


Suzanne Main.

"Edwards, Steve" <[email protected]> on 22-11-2000 01:38:31

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Subject: Multiple Companies

I currently have six companies running within a World A73 Cu10 environment.
I have been requested to consolidate all companies into one, resulting in 6
divisions, without losing any functionality in terms of reportage.
I am required to produce both profit and loss and balance sheet reports for
each division. Is this request feasible ? Have you done something similar

Steve Edwards
IS Manager
Durr Ltd

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