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Re:Multiple Builds on AS/400 in Xe

We had the same problem -- here's what we learned ...

Check the subsystem description:
"Max number of jobs" should be *NOMAX
(Use the CHGSBSD command)
Each Routing Entry should have "Max Active Routing Steps" = *NOMAX
(Use the CHGRTGE command)

Check the JOBD:
"Allow Multiple Threads" should be *YES
(Use the CHGJOBD command)

Be sure communications with the deployment server is most efficient possible:
Set the AS/400 line to full duplex, 100Mbs (We shamefully admit it was 10Mbs
half duplex!) We had to retrieve the line description to a source member,
it, then delete the old line description, and rebuild it from the changed

Full package build was taking 28 hours, now 6 on S20 w/4gig memory and a few
small shared pools reserved for printing and interactive.

Good Luck!

M. Rice
Sr. Programmer Analyst - EDI Coordinator - Data Conversion
CNC Admin in Training - whatever ...
Delta Woodside Industries

7333xe 14.0, ES/CO: AS/400 S20 V4R4, Deployment=NT, Citrix Server Farm