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Re: MRP on SUN/Solaris


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Re: MRP on SUN/Solaris

Yes, we've had a similar problem. After much investigations and testing we decided to uninstall Forte_C++ 6 and reinstall SunWorkshop 5 on the SUN ES. This has resolved our problem.


Release: B7333 SP14.2 Xe Update 1 on Sun Solaris 7.2
Database: Oracle 8.1.6

Hello List,

We are on XE and having trouble with one specific program, R3482, this
programs runs ok local, but on our server it ends in error, the log file
does not tell anything, and there is no pdf output.
We have the feeling that the mapping of one or more business function is not
correct, but we cannot figure out which one.

We are on XE / Sun-Solaris with an Oracle database.

Did anyone come across the same problem ?

Kind regards,

André Jille

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