RE: messages


RE: messages

There's quite a bit of good functionality in JDE to support messages
printing. I could probably write two pages of stuff for you if I had time.
Feel free to call me if you want more than this:

1. You can attach print messages to items at the item/branch level or you
can setup the print message preference which allows the system to find more
than one message for a specific item/branch or item. Using preferences the
messages can even be set at the item/customer level, if needed.

2. All the print programs print the messages found. One thing to be aware of
is that if you have a two line sales order and both items have the same
message, the message prints twice. This may or may not be an issue for you.

3. You can even control which document types the messages print on. For
example you may want a special print message on Credit Notes but not Sales

4. All the print programs have a global print message processing option.
This is where you might put seasonal messages like "Happy Holidays". These
messages are applied to the batch of orders as a whole.

Hope this helps.

Andy Klee

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Re: messages

There are details of the DCOM messaging in the InterOperability Guide
which you can find on the Knowledge Garden.

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