Re: MDAC 2.6 on MSSQL 7 Clusters


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RE: MDAC 2.6 on MSSQL 7 Clusters

I have MDAC 2.5 installed in a SQL2000 cluster, and I used the same in
SQL7 prior to upgrading to 2000. MDAC 2.6 is definitly a NO GO in a
clustered environment (learned the hard way!). We had to upgrade the
cluster to Win 2000 in preparation for our Xe Upgrade (minimum technical
requirements per JDE). They didn't require SQL2000, but we did it
anyway. Seems to be working fine in B7332, we'll see what happens with
Xe next week....

B7332 / SP11.2 / WK2 / SQL2000

Susan Ferlita
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Tampa, Florida