RE: lowercase letters


RE: lowercase letters

What I have found is that the problem that began for us following the
upgrade to service pack 11.1 can be solved by deleting Grid Formats. This
is done by going to User Overrides on the GH9011 menu, find all overrides
with a type of GF and deleting them all. The users will lose their grid
formats, but they can be recreated and you will no longer see the lowercase
problem. You can delete specific grid formats to solve specific issues, but
that can be very time consuming and you will need to re-address this issue
over and over again.

We found this issue to involve many fields in addition to the item number
field. It occurred in the branch plant field, which caused problems with
printing pick tickets, Summary Availability inquiries and with Supply and
Demand. The only way to solve it permanently is to delete all the grid

I hope this solves your problem as it did ours.

Kathy Winter, Manager of Information Systems
The Foreign Candy Company, Inc.
Hull, Iowa 51239
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