Re: JDE Webconf notes: The Evolution of World Software


Re: JDE Webconf notes: The Evolution of World Software


I would love to have a copy if you could oblige. Several of my clients are
VERY happy on World and certainly will not even consider OW before 2003 at
the earliest - if then. Further, with all of the tools available today (and
more coming) to web enable legacy code, the impetus dims even more.


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>Here are the highlights (or at least my perception anyone else who
>participated may want to add theirs):
>After Focus this year:
>It was stated that a group of users were selected to represent a cross
>section of all World users and from the meetings with this group of users
>the following was determined.
>* Loyal AS/400 customer base - 'It's cost effective, stable, scalable,
>reliable and e-business enabled.
>* IBM's strategy is to bundle middleware and hardware components for
>e-business to allow for collaboration
>* WorldSoftware is stable and functional - WANT TO STAY THERE
>* You want more focus on WorldSoftware by J.D. Edwards
>* And (last but not least and somewhat unbelievable) More time to
>migrate to OneWorld
>JDC's Commitment
>- New Customer Support Structure coming in Jan 2001
> 4 different Levels of Service to be offered for more flexibility
> You can switch to one of the new levels at that time and get
>pro-rata credit for the current service you have in place.
>Support has been extended to Feb 28th, 2005. This date seems reasonable to
>them in terms of how long they believe they will still have viable World
>Customers. I asked pointed questions about this topic. I pointed out that
>they had just stated that they knew they had customer that were content on
>the AS/400 World platform and agreed that they needed to continue support,
>complete and reinvigorate the SAR process, provide enhancements etc...
>Therefore WHY would they ever 'abandon' this customer segment, especially
>light of the current state of OneWorld. He state that they had to make
>decision based on the market in order for them to make money and stay in
>business. They believe that only 20% of the market is in AS/400
>development. He also stated that 3500 customers are World customers and
>that some group intended to migrate within 1 year, other in 6 months, some
>in 2 years etc... and depending on how this user base looks as 2005
>approaches, they will have to determine if they should continue support at
>that time or not. He also stated that they have 1000 users on OneWorld
>which he contends is a viable, commercialized product.
>Created a WorldSoftware Division - this division consists of approximate 50
>people dedicated to the enhancement and support of the World Product. Dave
>Siebert is the Group VP and General Manager.
>They intend to modify and improve how they deploy enhancements. Will
>develop a plan to provide enhancements without having to put them in a
>Release structure that is costly, time consuming and sometimes destructive
>to current environments.
>They Explained the SIG issue. Basically they content that Quest (the user
>group) decided that SIGs should not be Platform based but more over
>based. That is why they recommended that the WAC and MAC's be created?!?
>The WAC consists of users that participate in Quest and I didn't get a real
>idea of how you get a seat on the WAC, but they suggested visiting the
>Web Site. They also stated that the MAC was requested by Quest as well.
>They will start using more focus groups such as the one they formed at the
>last FOCUS. They believe they will bring users to Denver to get feed back
>on HOW things are going with World. They didn't give any specifics on who,
>when, or how this would be done.
>Those were the big topics:
>Now for the new stuff:
>E-business capabilities
> Store Fronts
> Self Service Applications
> Wireless access
> Articulate Clear paths to OneWorld
> Best Migration tools to JD Edward's Solutions
>XPI solutions
>Supply Chain - APS
>Support strategic partner connection (Ariba, Seibel, Extensity etc...)
>Add new functions without major upgrades (the enhancement thing I talked
>about earlier)
>SAR Enhancements
>SAR fixes
>User Licensing ISSUE: I asked for details and Dave Siebert was unaware of
>it and/or the details. He promised to respond to me offline with more
>information as to why they are not going to continue the concurrent users.
>He seemed to understand that this could be a big issue with users.
>BTW: I have electronic copies of the handouts I could e-mail to you if any
>of you would like reply with your personal e-mail address.
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