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Scott :

I've installing JAS on B7332 SP11.3 + NT 4.0 + SQL7 + WebSphere 2.03
I may give you a piece of advice if you need to.

Yours, Sebastian

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De: Scott Whipple [mailto:[email protected]]
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Asunto: JAS Server install

Does any one have good documentation on the JAS server installation portion
of the JAS server installation guide for NT platforms. Also is there anyone
on the list that is knowledgeable enough to give someone such as myself
advice over the phone. I am having trouble discerning the information in
the guide. Also, at JD Edwards there does not appear to a group or queue
specifically trained on the JAS server install so it is difficult finding
someone for the simplest of questions. Admittedly, they say, there is some
work that could be done on the guide itself. Help please! Thanks.

Scott Whipple
Technical/Application Consultant
303-740-5500 Office
303-885-1405 Cell
303-843-0227 Fax

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