Re: Item Effectivity Dates - Advanced Pricing


Re: Item Effectivity Dates - Advanced Pricing

I'm wondering if you could follow a previous tip I saw
from Andy Klee regarding only allowing certain
customers to order certain items using Advanced
I believe his tip was to set-up an override price
using the intersection of customers and item groups
and place a 0.00 value for the override price. When
these item were entered and a 0.0 value was returned
the line could not be processed. If you followed this
same method you might be able to set-up an item only
group that has some value in the cat codes that would
place it in the override price group. When you wanted
to release a certain set of items you could simply
remove the price adjustment or change the cat code
using one of the existing mass change ube's.
This assumes you are using advanced pricing of course.
Have not tested - just thinking out loud.


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