RE: Item Effectivity Dates - A solution


RE: Item Effectivity Dates - A solution

Prevent entering a sales order? I always try to use one of two features:
Either the mandatory adjustment feature of Advanced Pricing or the Next
Order Status Preference in Preferences. This is definitely one of my
favorite tips, as readers of JDEList probably already know.

The mandatory adjustment feature of Advanced Pricing allows you to setup a
zero priced adjustment (so that the price is not affected), that tells the
system all the combinations of various factors that will allow an order to
be entered. If you enter an order with a disallowed combination of factors,
you will get a hard error in order entry.

For your situation, you can setup a mandatory adjustment which says: "Here
are the allowed items with the effective dates for which they can be sold."
Use a category code at the item/branch level to say whether an item is
"Already Introduced" or "To be Introduced". Use an order detail group name
which includes Branch/Plant. Assign the proper value in the category code
to every item/branch record in every branch. Setup a price detail record at
the item group level that says all items "Already Introduced" have
effective dates of 01/01/01 through 12/31/10. Any item/branch record without
the "Already Introduced" value will cause a hard error in order entry.

When you are ready to introduce new items you have two choices: Either do a
mass change to those item/branch records to change the value of the category
code, or have previously setup price detail records at the item/branch level
(instead of the item group/branch level) with an effective date equal to the
actual introduction date. Then you don't have to do anything the day the
product is introduced. At your leisure you may want to go back and change
the value in the category code to "Already Introduced".

The Next Order Status Preference enables you to set up various combinations
of customers or customer groups and items (item groups) and bump the status
of those orders to a status that overrides the order activity rules. If you
bump certain item/branch combinations to an invalid status in order entry,
these orders will give you a hard error. You can use effective dates, but
only at the overall preference level, not at the preference detail level.
So this solution won't work for you.

I have a "live-action" video which explains the overall concept of using
mandatory adjustments to prevent sales orders of invalid combinations of
factors. Feel free to ask for it and I'll send it to you offline.

Andy Klee

Klee Associates
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