Re: Integrate JDE with vb dll


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Re: Integrate JDE with vb dll

We unsuccessfully tried to call a VB DLL from a OneWorld application while

You could try the BSFN B0000192 'Call Vendor Specific Function', that was
the BSFN suggested to us by JDE, but unfortunately we couldn't get it to

What does the VB DLL do?


>From: "Belladandy" <[email protected]>
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>Subject: Integrate JDE with vb dll
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 17:32:11 +0800
>Hi list,
>I've just registered to this mailing list. My environment is B7332, AS400
>and Citrix. I would like to ask whether anyone has tried to use JDE OW to
>call a Visual Basic ActiveX dll. Any help is greatly appreciated. Txs.

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