Re: Installing XE on the AS400


Re: Installing XE on the AS400

We are installing XE on V4R3 at the end of this week. If we are successful
I will let you know,
[email protected]

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Subject: Installing XE on the AS400

> We, are attempting to install XE on AS400, not coexistent. We are on V4R3
> with all of the latest cum. tapes for the OS400 and the latest SF for
> access we have even changed out the cwbodbc.dll for an earlier version per
> JDE instructions.
> We are at the point of giving up, JDE says they have clients who have
> installed on the OS400 release V4R3 but cannot seem to give us any
> references. Can anyone out tell us has this been done without fail.
> Thanks.
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