Re: Installing XE on the AS400


Re: Installing XE on the AS400

Client information is confidential. Unless it is
agreed upon as a reference by the client you are mpt
going to get that information. Check the minimum
technical requirement on KG. If it says V4R3 is
supported, you just have to trust it.

--- Scott Whipple <[email protected]> wrote:
> We, are attempting to install XE on AS400, not
> coexistent. We are on V4R3
> with all of the latest cum. tapes for the OS400 and
> the latest SF for client
> access we have even changed out the cwbodbc.dll for
> an earlier version per
> JDE instructions.
> We are at the point of giving up, JDE says they have
> clients who have
> installed on the OS400 release V4R3 but cannot seem
> to give us any
> references. Can anyone out tell us has this been
> done without fail.
> Thanks.
> Scott Whipple
> Technical/Application Consultant
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RE: Installing XE on the AS400

I don't believe that Scott was asking consultants to "rat on" their
clients by name, but simply asking if anyone is willing to admit that
they have made it work....
That's the purpose of this list... Not to send them back to JDE's
website without an answer.

If you aren't willing to divulge any client information you don't have
to answer the questions that require any...


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RE: Installing XE on the AS400

We put a co-existent environment up on the 400 under R3 with no real
problems... I recall some APAR that pointed me to some ptf's that were
required. I think the APAR was II11677. Hope it helps


RE: Installing XE on the AS400

We are Coexistent with Xe on the AS/400 running V4R3. We used a JDE
business partner named MASYC Group out of Santa Ana to install it. We spent
all of three (3) days to do the whole thing up and running. We are using
Intel based deployment and application servers. For those of you who went
to FOCUS this past time, MASYC and I gave a talk entitled "Coexistence in
Three Days" that was sold out that detailed our previous three day install
of OW B7.3.3.2. We were going to give the talk a second time to accomodate
the people who weren't able to get into the first session, but I had another
meeting to attend and had to leave right after the talk.

As I remember the Xe installation in early November, there were only a few
untoward moments - a couple of missing files, etc. There was one miscue
where one of OUR folks FDISKed the server we had just loaded with Xe - he
did it when the rest of us went to lunch without communicating with us
?????!!!! - (we handcuffed him for the remainder of the installation!). So
we had to reload the entire server from scratch. Even with losing slightly
less than a day with the reload of the one server, the whole process was
still only three days start to finish.

We now have G/L and A/P running in a production environment to get our feet
wet using Xe.

Will be happy to handle any queries off JDEList if you want more detail.

Robert Koeblitz, Vice President
Western Pacific Housing
300 Continental Blvd., Suite 390
El Segundo, CA 90245
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[email protected]


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Re: Installing XE on the AS400

Of course they don't want you to talk to other people who also can not get it to work. Ever notice they will tell you the World customers but not the One World or XE?

Perhaps you could ask them to ASK one of the other clients if it is OK for them to give out the Name so that you could call them and talk?

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
WorldSoftware Version 8.1.2 AS/400 V4R4 (soon to be V4R5)