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Continuing this thread.....

The target client was _not_ seeing the p/opts that had been added
to this UBE. I'm trying to find another fat client to see if the template
on the server reflects that fact that p/opts are now there.

We got the p/opts onto the target via ol/select/design/report/select
processing options and ADDED them to the template that was
now on that client. I don't like this workaround, but it did seem to

Sounding clueless here, but is there a way to "clean" the specs
for a particular app/ube/tc (whatever) from a client (fat or thin)
prior to doing a check out to that client?

I know that there is a log of check-in/check-out that shows
whether the function worked. Where would I find that log to
review my check-ins and the check-outs to the target ?

Thanks for the ongoing help.


Gene Piekarski, Jr

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Re: Install Object.....


Call the P9882 appl or R9882000 ube from GH9081 menu or from the Fast path or from the Object Librarian to review Check Out Logs.


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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)