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Re: Help ! Data selection on Versions


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Re: Help ! Data selection on Versions


The number one culprit here is object transfer and package build. I've seen
it too many times. The underlying UBE gets changed or someone in
development adds a new version. Their request for promoting and deploying
the ube or a particular versions results in transferring both the ube and
all associated versions. The settings may have been safe in production, but
who know what happens to them in dev and crp. Those settings could have
been changed there and "caught up in the process". Don't rely on dates, go
into the versions in both dev and crp and look at the data selection
options. If you find they are wrong there, as well, research if those items
have been transferred, put in any packages and deployed.

Good Luck!

>From: Jean-Paul Savalli <jpsavalli@aimtronics.com>
>Reply-To: jdelist@jdelist.com
>To: jdelistml@jdelist.com
>Subject: Help ! Data selection on Versions
>Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 17:01:57 -0800
>Dear list,
>1- I have secured a bunch of financial versions for which I am the only one
>able to change the data selection and run them.
>2- Those versions have been running with the same data selection for months
>without a single problem.
>3- Yesterday, the data selection for 3 financial reports have reversed
>to a wrong data selection
>4- I have never modified the dataselection !
>5- OneWorld points to the right versions table and right database on the
>client and server sides
>6- No changes has been done on the system
>6- The "modified Date" on my version shows no recent date which means that
>no one has modified them for a long time .
>(check out the version, change the dataselection and check it back in) ?
>I have scratched my head till bleeding !! I can not figure it out !
>Do you have any ideas ?
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