RE: Hardware recommendations for a new Enterprise


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RE: Hardware recommendations for a new Enterprise

With only 25 Fat Client users - I would recommend a single Enterprise Server
- we have Financials and 80 users and are working very happily on a single 4
Processor Intel NT4 Server.

If I were buying new now - we would go Windows 2000.

If you are intending to upgrade to Xe in the near future, I would recommend
getting a new box and testing the upgrade on that. Take your current live
data, migrate your data from your current machine to new one and test the
upgrade process and do you Xe testing. When you are happy remigrate and
upgrade the data again.

I agree on the Raid 1+0.

I suggest you buy a box with some headroom - get a 4 processor box, with
space for 8 processors (you can then add processors as required). Also
ensure there are free RAM slots to upgrade RAM.

Have at least 2 Raid Controllers. Add in as much redundancy as you can to
make the box bullet proof!

OW733.3 Xe SP 14.2
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + 4 NT PC's for development