RE: Harbinger EDI


RE: Harbinger EDI

Hi Chuck,
You need to go into the properties of the date field in the User
File Definition & set it to either *CJUL or CYYDDD, depending on what
version of Harbinger you're using.
Let me know if you need more help.

Tom Kirkley, Senior Technical Specialist - Developer (brij)


Re: Harbinger EDI

take a look at the F47NNN file for the outbound 850. Is the date OK there ?

If it is, then there might be a "problem" with Harbinger(Peregrine). Stupid
question, your version of Harbinger Y2K - OK ? You call it Harbinger, but
it's really
Peregrine, that's why I ask. If it's OK, then look at your 850 Translation
format, is it
for one specific company, or are all 850's getting this msg ? Compare to
the "vanilla" 850 format supplied by JDE.

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