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re: Fwd: Order Transfers - help please


It sounds like you have a combination of errors triggering this. The first sounds as if you have location control activated in you branch setups. This will prevent you from adding new locations on the fly. If you changed this flag and ARE NOT using advanced warehousing, you should be able to create a new location from order entry screens. Advanced warehousing requires all locations be defined to appropriately control pick, putaways and replenishments and tables are built using existing locations. Also, if you change the flag on the branch, beware, this will allow users at order entry to become creative when assigning locations.

The second is that you probably have item control at the branch level on the item master. This also sends messages indicating the item does not exist for that branch. You can either create the branch records or the item master and this should relieve the message.

Be careful and discuss this with your team so everyone knows the implications of the change. Let us know if we can be of further help.


I'm new to this game and I am looking at Order transfers
via P4210. I am
specifically interested in transfers to a 'TO' branch
that does not exist.
The F41021 record is being created but we get a hard
error on location
(which defaults to UNALLOCATED). The error basically
says that the
the location is invalid.
We can fix the data by using the app P41026 to create a
primary location >From branch.


1. do you know where F41021 is added to . Is it in
'F4211 Edit line' as I
suspect. If it is can you tell me where ?

2. does anyone know of a esu that fixes it.

Thanks in advance

Paul Watton,