RE: FW: Help with Processing Option... Financial Report


RE: FW: Help with Processing Option... Financial Report

Hi Guys,

Ok Sorry the system that I am running on is on an AS400 B7332 SP11.3 wirh
ESU 4116422

The processing option template tyhat it keeps coming up with is T83PO

You could recreate the same report by going into ERW, and selecting
Financial report writer, and selecting the account balance column twicce,
once for ledger type BA, and oncew for ledger type AA for the same period
and range of account codes...

A third column is also utilsed which is column two - one whic give the

The rest of the report is straightforward with the exception of a number of
row specs which menas that it is picking up a number of accounts...

The client wants to create differnet versions of this report with 3
processing option

Processing option 1 and 2 are the same as the template processing option
mentioned above i.e. Fical period and date, and processing option 3 is 30
character field which will appear in the report header...

I have copied the T83PO template renamed it T5583PO and coded so that all
the information appears correctly in the header, howver in the detail
section it is ignoring my processing options for period number and fiscal

I cant see any event rules anywhere to change, and also the system
automatically attaches T83PO from the wizard as soon as you specify
Financial reports

I could modify T83PO but do not want to go down this path

Any help will be appreciated




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after the initial set up of the report and you are in RDA can't you just go to report tab/select processing options and then change it to your T5583PO ?

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The best way to find something in event rules (in your case the PO references) is to print ERs to a file choosing Report as scope and checking all boxes for detail levels on the ER Print window.
If it were done then you can use any texteditor and Find/Search functions of it to locate PO references.
Good luck,

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(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)