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Re: Future Dated AP Vouchers

Why do they stop keying vouchers? From an audit standpoint, doing this
leaves you with a large unrecorded liability at year end (though auditors
are probably used to it - 1994?!?!?!?). This process does defeat the
purpose of the JDE system; that is, getting the invoices in the system on a
timely basis and using the system to compute the year end liability.

That being said, if the system allows posting into future years (refer to
G/L cutoff in the General Accounting I guide), you could do it. Note that
you would be tweaking the G/L date; the batch date is part of the batch
header which is part of the transaction, and can not be altered.

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Janelle Green
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11/01/2000 10:51 AM
Please respond to

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I'm asking this question .......

Is there any problem(s) with entering vouchers with a date (GL and/or
into a future fiscal year?

The folks here typically stop keying vouchers 2 weeks before the end of the
fiscal year. This creates a major backlog that must be caught up each
January. This seems like a pretty dumb way to do business but nobody seems
to know why this is done ... but its been done that way since 1994.

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