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Re: Future Dated AP Vouchers


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Re: Future Dated AP Vouchers

Sounds like "Creative Accounting 101" to me. If you delay entering the vouchers
then you push the costs off till next year and it make your bottom line look
better this year. I suppose the justification is "we won't use the product till
next year, so this is just a way of matching the expense to the revenue." I am
no accountant but it seems to me there should be a more elegant way of achieving
the same result.

I know, this does not answer your question. It's JMHO.


Janelle Green <Janelle.Green@galegroup.com> on 11/01/2000 10:51:08 AM

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Subject: Future Dated AP Vouchers

At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I'm asking this question .......

Is there any problem(s) with entering vouchers with a date (GL and/or batch)
into a future fiscal year?

The folks here typically stop keying vouchers 2 weeks before the end of the
fiscal year. This creates a major backlog that must be caught up each
January. This seems like a pretty dumb way to do business but nobody seems
to know why this is done ... but its been done that way since 1994.

Janelle Green
Senior System Analyst
Gale Group
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