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Re: Future Dated AP Vouchers

Hello Janelle,

You don't say what version you are working with, we are on A7.3 cum 10, but I guess it works the same across all versions.

We have always keyed in future documents in A/P when we are coming up to a year end. As long as you have the date pattern for the next financial year already set up (see G0924 opt 2, P00105) you will be able to key in documents with a future G/L date.

NB: You are likely to get a WACO message (Way After Cut Off) when you hit enter the first time, this is just a warning that you are attempting to key into a future period. Check the General Accounting 1 manual as there is a diagram showing how this works.

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>>> [email protected] 01/11/00 15:51:08 >>>
At the risk of sounding like an idiot, I'm asking this question .......

Is there any problem(s) with entering vouchers with a date (GL and/or batch)
into a future fiscal year?

The folks here typically stop keying vouchers 2 weeks before the end of the
fiscal year. This creates a major backlog that must be caught up each
January. This seems like a pretty dumb way to do business but nobody seems
to know why this is done ... but its been done that way since 1994.

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