RE: FASTR download to PC without PC Support


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RE: FASTR download to PC without PC Support

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We don't use PC Support either and have no problem with this. My question
is what tool do you use to connect to the 400? Client/Access? Rumba? If
neither of these or a connectivity tool without built in transfer
capabilities, you can still use ftp. Just to remind you of the steps, you
need to specify a filename (member name) in the Override Specs. Once you
run the report, and it has completed, you need to do an '8' next to the
FASTR version to create the PC download file (member). Now you should be
able to download the report. The library you specify needs to be QGPL, the
filename is the name of the form your version is in such as GENERAL, and the
member name is the name you gave it in the Override Specs.

With C/A file transfer, you would specify this as
QGPL/GENERAL(OVERRIDE_FILENAME). With ftp, I think it is "get