RE: FASTR Copy - Different Machines

RE: FASTR Copy - Different Machines

Hi Augustina,

Save all the files related to FASTR. Create a dummy common library on
your target machine and restore or send the files to this library. Then
use menu G8331 option 5 to copy them from one library to another. Works
also with other softcoding stuff.

For the future you really want to implement a change management system
which handles this for you.

RE: FASTR Copy - Different Machines

Thanks a lot, Richard.
We'll try to implement your suggestion and establish a change management
procedure for this.
So far, this should be the best alternative for us. Thanks again.


richard_jansen <[email protected]> on 27/06/2001 14:09:02
RE: FASTR Copy - Different Machines


You can create a library with DDM files that pointed to the other machine. You
should be able to figure out all the files you need to define by looking at the
pre-compile commands for the Copy/Move FASTR Parameters program (P98790). You
would then use the DDM library as your To library on the screen mentioned

Long term you want a change management system to handle this.



Re: FASTR Copy - Different Machines

You can do that by creating a new lib and going to menu G8331 take option 5.
Copy the FASTR versions to the new lib. move the new lib to the test box and do
the reverse on G8331.

You can do the same thing with a Copy of DD,VO,DW,UDC,SVR,Menus by going to

Hope that helps.

Floyd Read
Chipman Union Inc.
World A7.3 Cum 11

"Agustina Mukari" <[email protected]> on 06/26/2001 08:58:15 PM


Re: FASTR Copy - Different Machines


a method I have used previously is to create a library (called REPORTS,
say) and populate it with all the various reporting files (F98xxx,
F82xxx and F83xxx) by CPYFing from another environment then clearing
with CLRPFM.

The standard JDE functionality can then be used to copy specific reports
(including DREAM Writers and WWs) from any other environment to this new
library, which can then be transferred to another AS/400 using the
normal change management processes.


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