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RE: EDI PC Packages


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RE: EDI PC Packages


Are you asking about packages like Extol, Gentran, and Harbinger? We are
using Extol to interface to JDE F47 files and have done modifications to get
it to work but that is being done by a different group. Are you looking for
PC based package that interfaces back to the AS36 or AS/400 files?

Doug Belcher
KV Pharmaceutical
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer

Doug Belcher
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer


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RE: EDI PC Packages

Looking for something PC based that can receive files from both an AS36 or an AS400 JDEdwards files are later down the line.

Don Bryant, MIS Director, mailto:donbryant@amalie.com
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Don Bryant, MIS Director
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RE: EDI PC Packages

Hi Don,
You might look into the Sterling PC based package, or Supply Tech. Just
an FYI... you're going to have quite a bit of work cut out for you
(programming) to use flat files and a PC based product.
Hope this helps.
Tom Kirkley, Sr. Technical Consultant

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RE: EDI PC Packages


Any PC based (or AS/400, Unix, what have you, based for that matter) EDI
system will provide a mapping tool whereby flat files are converted into EDI
messages. This is one of the principal functions of EDI software, the other
being to actually transmit the converted EDI file. Be advised though, that
the mapping is not always as simple as it may appear, and some knowledge of
EDI messaging structures is a prerequisite to use these packages. However,
most vendors provide more than adequate training courses. Whatever platform
you are sending the data from, the format is relatively immaterial, the
content being the important thing and the wherewithal in terms of cross
reference files, etc, to convert any values which may not conform to
standards - for argument's sake, your system may use 'GERM' as the country
code for Germany and this would have to be converted to the ISO value 'DE'
for transmission within a standard EDI message.

As regards packages, you pays your money and takes your choice!

Ron Tuohy
RJT Information Systems Ltd.