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RE: Download File to Excel from batch Job


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RE: Download File to Excel from batch Job

On our system the User "JDE" owns and has rights to everything. Every Edwards user profile has to have "JDE" in the profile. In other words it bypasses the AS/400 security completely. JDE even recommends that you do not use IBM Object level security. (something our auditors hate)

Perhaps it is because I am in the I.S. Department but there are real issues with ODBC security.
I can set up an ODBC Connection to our Production Data lib. Set that connection to Read Only.
Then set up another ODBC Connection to a "Junk" lib on the AS/400 where I need to be able to both read and write back.
Now when I open up Excel and "Get External Data" Pick ODBC Connection of the "Junk" lib. then modify the SQL statement directly and actually pick a file from the "Production" lib. It will let me and It will also let me Update that file.

I have tested this with a few different user signons and it works. (Some with *ALLOBJ and some without)

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Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC.
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