RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311---actually we're talking about the F4211 now


RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311---actually we\'re talking about the F4211 now


This is interesting. You are correct. I was surprised. I set up my item
in Branch 510 and made that the inventory commit preference branch. Then I
entered an order with a different branch in the header and got an error. I
would have expected that the system would evaluate the preference, load the
branch/plant into the order detail and everything would work. I don't know
if this works as designed or not, but it might be worth reporting to the
response line. It worked fine when I used a branch that actually stocked
the product in the header--it found the correct branch for the detail.

So, let's try another idea. You don't care what the header branch plant is,
correct? So couldn't that be a dummy branch/plant, called XYZ Branch?
Stock every item in the XYZ branch, that way you won't get the error that
you mentioned with the header branch not stocking the item.

Then we can use the Inventory Commit preference to drop in the correct
branch, setup at the item level, into the detail lines of the order.

The header branch might affect your accounting, so I would check that out
also. Check the processing options in Sales Update that control which
branch/plant is used in the AAIs.

This is fun isn't it? We both like solving problems creatively!


Andy Klee

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Re: RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311---actually we\'re talking about the F4211 now

We had the same problem and did what Andy mentioned earlier. We created Item Branch records for all of our products in the B/P where most of the ordering takes place. If we have inventory commitment set up for an item it will default from that B/P. It was obviously more work to copy the items into that B/P, but once the setup is done there is no more maintenance required (aside from new item setup.)

This technique does exactly what we need, so the extra setup was was the effort.

If you do use this technique, make sure you turn on the processing option in order entry called activate inventory commitment processing.

Justin Revoredo
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RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311---actually we\'re talking about the F4211 now


Thanks! Good tips. On the idea of a 'sales header branch/plant,' instead
of it being a dummy record someone on our team suggested that we could make
that to be the warehouse that ships all finished goods.

There is some resistance to the idea, however, due to the maintenance of
duplicate item masters (item branch/plant) for every finished good item, not
to mentioned the AAI and other potentials for using the wrong item
branch/plant if there is a 'dummy' duplicate out there.

Still, I don't see much else in the way of a solution due to that silly
little edit routine. I did check with an application consultant who had
raised this to JDE. The response was, in essence, "That's Base
Functionality." Oh well.



RE: RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311---actually we\'re talking about the F4211 now

Thanks, Justin. It helps to know that someone else out there has worked
through the work-around. I'll pass on your insights to our team. Thanks
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