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RE: Default Branch Plant - P4311---actually we\'re talking about t

I've been reading this thread since my company also ships from multiple
branch/plants for repair parts orders. While my comments are related to
your issue it may also generate a new thread. I mention these issues to
give you some additional concerns when shipping from multiple branch/plants.

First, Since P4210 assigns the default branch/plant at the header and this
is the branch/plant that defaults to the items it also causes problems for
us at ship confirm P4205 when entering freight lines. The header
branch/plant will default to the freight line regardless of the branch/plant
we're actually shipping from. We're able to work around the AAI issue with
distinct freight line types and P4205 versions; however, this still causes
invoicing and sales update problems requiring some tricky data selection on
our part to work around.

Second, Since our parts distribution was setup as a single company, with the
multiple branch/plants under it, and we use Vertex to calculate sales tax
the tax AAI is unable to breakup the accounting to separate business units.
(Vertex uses AAI 4250 but only evaluates Company and Document Type to direct
the transaction to a Business Unit, Object Account, and Sub.) Thus all
sales tax goes to the account designated by the first AAI it finds that
matches Company and Document Type.

p.s. While we're not happy with OW multi plant shipments we are living with
our work around.

Walt Sellers
Heil Environmental Industries, Ltd.
OW B733.2 SP10, Citrix, Windows NT TS2000, Oracle 8.1.6