Re: Crystal and JDEWorld

Re: Crystal and JDEWorld

Crystal should work fine using Client Access ODBC drivers....

I've done it before in older version of Crystal...can't see why it wouldn't
work now ?

Chris de Orla
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RE: Crystal and JDEWorld

Crystal and JDEWorldWe are using both Crystal Reports and Seagate
Info/Crystal Enterprise against JDE World. We use the Client Access OBDC
driver to go against the database. The only problem associated with this is
the Client access OBDC driver does not convert any of the Data Dictionary
items or the JDE Julian Date this has to be done either in the SQL or using
formulas. You can also setup the crystal dictionaries to convert the data to
the correct format.

However we have found crystal to be very powerful as it can report against
multiple databases simultaneously, and reports can be presented in multiple
formats i.e. HTML, Excel, Word,etc.

If there are enough World users of Crystal reports that would contact
Crystal Decisions and request a specific ODBC driver for JDE World I am sure
they would start listening and develop one for us as they have already built
one for the JDE One World product.

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RE: Crystal and JDEWorld

Can I use Crystal Decisions products with WorldSoftware(tm)?

WorldSoftware is J.D. Edwards' host-centric enterprise system, which runs on
an IBM AS400. Currently the best way to report off WorldSoftware with
Crystal Decisions products is by reporting off a data warehouse populated
with WorldSoftware data in the same way as outlined in method (2).

How do I use Crystal Reports with OneWorld?

There are two ways to do this.

* The BEST way is by reporting against the J.D. Edwards' application
layer. This gives you access to the full functionality of Crystal Reports -
which includes the ability to report off other data sources as well - while
honoring OneWorld table definitions and security. It also enables you to
report off up-to-the-minute OneWorld production data. To do this, you need
to install the latest version of the J.D. Edwards' ODA driver, Crystal
Reports 7, and a software "Update for OneWorld" from Crystal Decisions. This
is explained in more detail below.

* Another way is to export your OneWorld data to a data warehouse and
then report off the warehouse directly using our standard Oracle, SQL Server
or DB2 connectivity. Many customers are successfully using Seagate Crystal
Reports with OneWorld this way as well.