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RE: Cross Reference Facility

Hi All,
I'm also very interested in this as after our CNC guy ran the cross rex
build, some parts work and other parts have not hits on stuff that I know
should find hits.

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Re: Cross Reference Facility

I cannot find the referenced object. It does not show in OL either? Are
you sure the object name is correct?

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I can't get the Cross Reference Facility to work. Anyone out there have
as to why it does not build anything ?
Drinks on the house if someone could tell me where N3102150 (Named Event
Rule) is called from.


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Re: Cross Reference Facility

Kenneth, Derek, and others like them,
This is a typical No_Sys_Config_Info -> What_are_you_talking_about_? issue.
Try specifying your system configuration and, automagically, the answers will start to make sense!

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