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RE: Company Logo on Report


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RE: Company Logo on Report

I am doing that now. I had to go to a 3rd party software to create my forms
and print my checks. I am using PDFWizard.

Bob Bushley

b7333 sp13 as400 nt

Ps Zoltan I almost got it right!! HA HA!!


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RE: Company Logo on Report


I have never done that, but I have seen several discussions on this list
pertaining to it. From what I gather you can create your own font, this
font will contain the bmp's that you want to use. If you install them on
which ever server will run the reports.

Sorry I cant offer more detail, but if you look through the archives then
you should be able to find everything to need to know.



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Bob, Aaron

Bob, I also wanted to answer you because you posted your issue on the weekend and I watched the Forum and have seen that there is no traffic on it.
I just made some search for you on the Forum when Aaron replied you.
Just some addition to Aaron's hint for Search settings:
* Search on "All Forum"
* Select Date range: "All Post"
* Search for: "Company Logo" and "Custom font"
* Try the "Entire Phrase" and the "AND" search options on all.

You will get lot of useful posts.
Interesting, that I have received Bob's original mail but It haven't appeared on the Forum till now.

Bob, Aaron
At last let me a request.
Have you received and read my two posts about "Testing Out of Office setting".
If yes, then please reply my post (if you haven't delete it already) and watch that have you receive an "Out of Office" message.
If yes, then please reply again and watch that have you receive an "Out of Office" message AGAIN.

Send me your observation directly to me in one hour because I will leave the office in approx. 1 - 1.5 hours and won't be back till 19th March. I do not want to send junk replies so if my settings works badly then I can till to switch it off.

There is nobody other on the Developers List except you.

Thanks in advance for your help,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Bob, Aaron, Ajay and List
Just a correction.
"I have received Ajay's post via e-mail which haven't appeared on the Forum, NOT Bob's post." Excuse me.

Anybody out there at this time.
I would be very thankfull for any test on my "Out of Office settings" and for a notification about the results.
Please, do it in the next 1 hour.
Many thanks,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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Re: Company Logo on Report

Hi Ajay.

Use a third party software package to design and print the PDF. JD
Edwards has recommended the following third party vendors:

· Create!print http://www.form400.com
Kevin Lane: (617) 576-5847 Ext. 4960
This vender claims that this product actually works with the
PDF file, and that the design tool is similar to OneWorld's
First year cost = $8,337.50 ($US) ( Annual Maintenance
= $1,087.50 )

· JetForm Corp. http://www.jetform.com
Info Center: (800-538-3676
David Geoffrey: (905) 947-8485
Product name "Central" sells for $14,812.00 ($CAN. Details
to follow)

· Digital Design Inc. http://www.ddilink.com
Jeff Buckner: (800) 948-6293 Ext. 118#
Converts the PDF file from OneWorld into new format.
Price includes set-up, and new Purchase Order Design. (2
week lag time)
Cost = $15,000.00 ($US)

· Optio Software Inc. http://www.optiosoftware.com
Ashley Carman: (770) 576-3628
First year cost: $20,000.00
Annual Maintenance: $3,600.00
Implementation : $8,000.00 (+ travel expenses, 5
Training: $3,600.00
Total Cost: $35,200.00 ($US)

Joseph Sadler,
World Vision Canada.
Helping the children of war and poverty, the world over.
Xe SP13, NT4 SQL 7, AS/400.

"Ajay Maskar"
<AMASKAR@mail.35sy To: <jdeowdevml@jdelist.com>
s.com> cc:
Sent by: Subject: Company Logo on Report

03/10/01 12:10 PM
Please respond to

Hi List,
Can Anybody suggest how a Company logo can be printed on the reports.

All suggestions are welcomed & Thanks in advance.

- Ajay Maskar

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Re: Company Logo on Report

FWIW addon to Joseph Sadler's excellent post on 3rd party software costs.

Keep in mind that the prices Joseph posted appear to be "List" prices. Vendors are usually willing to negotiate when there are competitors involved (upto 40% + off of list).


Larry Jones
OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6
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