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Have you seriously considered the jump to cum 12 instead of 11? We're getting
the message that we need cum 12 for Euro. If you do install OneWorld at a
level below cum 12, you will also have to install the World PTF X3 with an
additional PCCPY called A73X3XE. The PCCPY contains cum 12 programs necessary
for coexistance with Xe. Not a lot of them, but I just thought to ask if
you've considered going to cum 12 instead of 11.

Doug Rezanka - Programmer/Analyst
Eaton - Actuators and Sensors Division

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From: C=US/A=INTERNET/DDA=ID/jdelist(a), on 11/27/00 7:49 PM:

hi to all,

we are preparing to do a coexistence migration in january 2001. we are
currently running world a73 cum 8, and are now starting the cum 11 upgrade
in preparation for the coexistence install first week of january (we expect
all software, servers and os upgrade to our as400 enterprise server to be
completed by end december).

has anyone any experience in a coexistence migration, moreso coexistence
with xe.

would appreciate any tips that could provide us.

thanks in advance.

melo portugal
project director
united laboratories, manila, philippines
(632) 6318501 ext 7141

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Doug Rezanka
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