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Re: Citrix IMS and OW Security - Our Solution


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Re: Citrix IMS and OW Security - Our Solution


Thanks for the feedback. Our solution was to save the jdesec.* & jdeauth.*
files to another server. After the IMS deploy I run a batch file that
copies these back to the appropriate server. This seems to solve the
problem. This solution was gleened from other JDELIST responses to similar
situations with fat clients.

One other question, will I have to do a manual install when I change
service pack levels?

Thanks to all that replied.

Tom Davidson

Xe Update 1, SP 15.1, CO: on SQL, TSE Metaframe 1.8, ES: AS/400 V4R5. Two
Instances English/Western European, Japanese.

OW 7332 SP 11.3VER, NT 4.0 SP 5, TSE 4.0 SP 4, Metrframe 1.8, CO SQL 7.0